School Services

Welcome to Cooperative School Services!

Cooperative School Services was organized in 1969 to serve students with special education needs.  The Cooperative serves over 2000 students in nine school corporations.   Supported financially by local, state and federal funds, the Cooperative’s personnel work to meet the unique educational needs of student who require special education and assist local schools in the delivery of special education services.  

Policy decisions for the Cooperative are the responsibility of the Executive Board, whose members consist of the superintendent from each participating corporation.   Rensselaer Central School Corporation is the fiscal agent for the Cooperative.

Corporations Served

  • Benton Community
  • Frontier
  • Kankakee Valley
  • North Newton
  • North White
  • Rensselaer Central
  • South Newton
  • Tri-County
  • West Central

Mission Statement

Believing in the worth and dignity of every person, Cooperative School Services, in partnership with our eight school corporations, strives to enable all students to reach their potential through the provision of quality special education services.