Our Services

Programs and Services

Psychological Services
School Psychologists assis in the evaluation of individual students as members of multidisciplinary teams. The school psychologists also consult with parents, teachrs, and other school personnel in the provision of services to students.

Special Education Services
Special Education Coordinators are responsible for assisting building administrators, counselors, teachers, and families in matters pertaining to special education services and delivery. They are likewise instrumental in program development and in providing trainings.

Additional Services
Specialists in Hearing and Vision Impairments are on staff. They assist with evaluations and services for students.

Related Services
Related services are provided to assist students to benefit from their special education programs and are determined by case conference procedures. Occupational and physical therapy services are provided through our Cooperative. Other related services are provided as well, such as, the Work Experience Program.

Early Childhood
Early childhood special education services are available to all eligible children, ages 3-5, with special needs. The early years are extremely important to a child's development and early intervention can be of great benefit for preschool children.